Policy advocacy and Influencing
  • 4H-Nepal

The 4-H Nepal organized two national-level youth-agro entrepreneurship symposiums with the objectives of encouraging the involvement of youth in agriculture, building a network of youth and sharing ideas and experiences of experts, farmers, entrepreneurs, and policymakers on agriculture and agricultural entrepreneurship.

The symposiums were able to inject the concept of youth entrepreneurship into the minds of policy-makers, youth, government agencies, donor agencies and students. The symposiums initiated dialogues among them to discuss the problems, issues, needs, challenges and opportunities of the agriculture sector and agriculture entrepreneurship.

The events proved to be good platforms to raise burning issues of agriculture and remind the policymakers of the need to draft appropriate policies in regard to agriculture and agriculture entrepreneurship to attract youth to agriculture. Dialogues on agriculture policy in the federal structure in Nepal were organized among policymakers, legal experts, members of the National Planning Commission (NPC), government agencies, donor community and youth with the view to discuss the types of agriculture-related policies in the federal set-up of the country.


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