GESI Mainstreaming Workshop
  • 4H-Nepal

4-H Nepal trained almost 680 Local leaders (Deputy Mayor, Deputy Chairperson, Ward representatives and government officials)  including women, marginalized people and key stakeholders on the need, processes and steps of GESI mainstreaming in the overall decision-making and development process in Provincial governments. Intensive discussions were held to explore the ideas on the meaningful participation of women and marginalized community people in the budgeting and implementation of targeted programs at the Provincial governments.


Organized and delivered 17 events of GESI mainstreaming workshops to the municipalities of two districts. Coordination with PTA, concerned municipalities, women leaders, and other relevant stakeholders. 4-H Nepal conducted workshop in Kaplibastu Municipality, Buddhabhumi Municipality, Shiva Raj Municipality, Krishnanagar Municipality, Mayadevi Rural Municipality, Yashodhara Rural Municipality, Suddhodhan Rural Municipality, Bijayanagar Rural Municipality, BanGanga Municipality, Maharajaganja Municipality, Bardhaghat Municipality, Ramgram Municipality, Sunwal Municipality, Susta Rural Municipality, Pratappur Rural Municipality, Sarawal Rural Municipality and Palhinandan Rural Municipality.


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