GESI Audit Ministries of Lumbini Provincial Government
  • 4H-Nepal

GESI Audit programs supported by the Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration have implemented Province and Provincial Government Governance support programs through the Provincial Government. In the GESI audit workshop, 160 participants participated from the eight ministries of the Lumbini Province Government. 4-H Nepal conducted a one-day provincial workshop with the Provincial level representatives, staff and other stakeholders.

  • Office of the Chief Minister and Council of Ministers
  • Ministry of Economic Affairs
  • Ministry of Internal Affairs, Law and Communications
  • Ministry of Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation
  • Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Suppliers
  • Ministry of Agriculture and Land Improvement
  • Ministry of Tourism, Rural and Urban Development
  • Ministry of Physical Infrastructure Development

Summary of GESI Audit

Total Event: 47 Workshop

Total participants: 1200

Partnership: 39 municipalities and 8 Ministries.

Working days: 64 Days

Coverage area:  39 municipalities and 5 districts


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