Election Observation 2074
  • 4H-Nepal

The 4-H Nepal made observations of all the elections—local, provincial and federal in 56 districts. With the coordination of 4-H Nepal, the Election Commission of Nepal (ECN) provided an orientation to the observers to facilitate their understanding of the election, its procedures and its different aspects to ensure free and fair elections. A total of 2284 observers observed the elections in a free and independent manner. Reports were prepared and submitted to ECN after the elections were held. ECN had issued special observers cards for Mr. Lokraj Awasthi, President of 4-H Nepal, Lekhnath Niraula, and Dr. Chiranjibi Bhattarai, 4-H advisors.

Observation of election: three elections—Local, Provincial and Federal 2074

Districts: 56

Observers: 2284

VIP Observers: 3

Booths: 2500

Training: 56

Press Release: 9

Press conference: 1

Reports: 5

Media coverage: 40

Social site: 11

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