Digital Talk-show on Impact on Agriculture and Role of Youth in COVID-19
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4-H Nepal conducts a digital talk show via Zoom meetings during the COVID-19 pandemic time.  The 19 experts of different backgrounds on what can be done in Nepal during this pandemic. The digital course was held with expertise on different dates via Zoom during the time of the Lockdown COVID-19 in 2020. The event concept was that 19 experts from different fields like planning, analysts, youth, entrepreneurs, professors, etc. would help people to realize the overall situation of Nepal during COVID. The role of expertise was to enlighten what are the possible harmful effects of the pandemic, what may be the opportunities, and responsibilities as citizens, the government’s role, how we can handle the situation and the experience sharing of youth who are involved in agriculture.

The core role of the event was to make aware of the COVID situation and enable people to make better decisions. Showing different opportunities and the role of youth in agriculture was the main part of the program. The event was hosted by Lokraj Awasthi, president of 4-H Nepal.

Episode and Experts

  1.  Topic: Reviving Rural agricultural economy, Dr Rishikesh Pandey:
  2. Topic: Youth employment and What Government needs to do for Returnee Migrants in Post COVID-19, Pradip Maharjan
  3.  Topic: New opportunity in Nepal and COVID-19, Subodh Raj Pyakurel:
  4.  Topic: Role of civil society in COVID-19, Radha Poudel
  5.  Topic: Opportunities for Youth in Agro-Food Entrepreneurship, Jiwan Prava Lama:
  6.  Topic: Food and Lifestyle to Improve our Health, Aruna Upreti
  7.  Topic: Reviving Nepal’s Economy for Creating Opportunities for Youth Employment, Durga Gautam
  8.  Topic: COVID-19 Disaster Management and People’s survival strategy in a Post-COVID-19 scenario, Dr Chiranjibhi Bhattarai
  9. Topic: Self Development: Managing Emotion, Crisis and Mind, Chintamani Yogi
  10. Topic: Agriculture is Life, Madan Rai
  11. Topic: Budget Discussion of Sudurpaschim, Gokarna Awasthi
  12. Topic: Budget Discussion of Sudurpaschim, Madan Raj Bhatt,
  13.  Topic: Budget Discussion of Sudurpaschim, Dr.Suresh Malla
  14.  Topic: Budget Discussion of Sudurpaschim, Dr Rana Bahadur Rawal
  15.  Topic: Experience sharing of Agro entrepreneur, Sabitri Khatri, Yubraj Gurung, Laxmi Niraula and Santosh Joshi
  16.  Topic: Impact of COVID-19 on the Agro-Economy and Youth Employment in Nepal, Buddhiman Shrestha
  17. Topic: Nepal after COVID-19 Pandemic and Eco-Agriculture,Dr Nirmal Mani Adhikari
  18. Topic: Agricultural Entrepreneurship and Employment in Post-Covid 19 Pandemic, Devendra Gauchan
  19. Topic: Why agriculture should be a free zone?, Lok Raj Awasthi
  20.  Topic: Make the country self-reliant in Rice production, Bholaman Singh Basnet
  21.  Topic: Market-Driven Geo-Climatic Suitable Crops Farming and Changing of Mindset of People in Agriculture, Ishu Shankar Shrestha


The document comprises summaries of the speakers from different backgrounds. Each speaker focused on youth roles, what can be the possible solution to manage the 10-20 lakh migrants returning from foreign, unemployment management, and what are the possibilities in the agriculture sector in Nepal during and after COVID time.

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