Consultative Workshop on Youth Investment Plan in Local Level
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A consultative workshop with key stakeholders and youth network members on the municipal-level youth investment plan in Kapilvatu Municipality (POLAY) was organized by Municipality Kaplivastu and SSDC Kaplivast and funded by UNFPA. The workshop was organized in Taulihuwa, Kapilvast, Nepal, on November 7th and 8th, 2019.

Objectives of the Programme

To prepare the youth investment and advocacy plan so that local government and other EDPs and NGOs will invest according to the plan with a view to mainstreaming youth by engaging them in the local-level planning process and addressing youth issues locally, To orient the local elected bodies and senior government officers on the UNFPA mandate, its priorities, and working areas, and to advance the UNFPA priorities in the federal context. To discuss how young people have the skills and knowledge to make informed decisions for their health and well-being and to participate in decision-making. To understand the local context and priorities of local governments and extend collaboration and coordination for better programming and results

Also, one discussion session was conducted with different guests and do ground floor was open to all the participants.

Open discussion Guest :

UNFPA: Ram Thapa, province head

UNFPA: Chitra Mahato, district representative

Head of the social department of the municipality

Surendar Lamsal, advisor to the social department of the municipality, stakeholders, different CSo 

, the Warda-level representative also participated in this open discussion session. 


  • A municipal youth issue was identified.
  • A youth policy and youth investment plan were made to make people aware.
  • Key stakeholders provided information on youth issues and the work done by youth.
  • Youth and stakeholders had clarified the youth issues.
  • Stakeholders showed strong commitment.
  • Adequate information about youth is obtained to make a new youth investment plan.
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