4-H IAAS Celebrates Environment Day by Planting Trees in Lamjung
  • 4H-Nepal

The 4-H Nepal IAAS Section marked Environment Day on June 5, 2024, with a dedicated tree plantation drive, reaffirming their commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability. This initiative, conducted with the participation of students, faculty, and local community members, aimed to enhance green cover and promote ecological balance. By planting a diverse range of native tree species, the event highlighted the importance of biodiversity and the role of individual actions in combating climate change.

The drive was conducted under the organization’s guiding motto, “Let’s fix what we have broken,” emphasizing their resolve to repair and restore the environment.

This tree plantation drive serves as a testament to 4-H Nepal IAAS Section’s dedication to nurturing a greener tomorrow for generations to come. The organization recognizes the critical need for proactive measures in environmental conservation and is actively contributing to creating a healthier, more sustainable environment. Such initiatives not only improve the immediate surroundings but also educate and inspire the community about the significance of environmental preservation.

Through continuous efforts like these, the 4-H Nepal IAAS Section is leading by example, fostering a culture of environmental responsibility and sustainability, and demonstrating its commitment to fixing the environmental damages of the past.


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