Message From National President

4-H is stand for making positive change in the world through applying the approaches, methods, and models. Likewise it has concern about positive youth development approach, agriculture development approach, and adult youth partnership approach. Which have been applying in every age group, community, and nation. These approaches has been practically, technically, and theoretically practicing over the world.

4-H method is applying for increase partnership between youth and adult, community and nation, as well as developing country from developed country. It is a process of solving problem from realistic solution and community participation by every age group. It doesn’t only stand for community and target group, it has dedication to all tribes, natives, and even scholar as well as indigenous people.


4-H Nepal is established to promote the agriculture, to make capable manpower for nation, and to upgrade youth’s confident, to decrease the pessimist in addition to increase the activist for community developing work as well as positive development. Also, it has been focusing on Kid’s positive development through sharing, caring, and learning method. This is the developing model and it will apply at kindergarten, school, and collage, community through facilitating to youths, kids, and aged group.

This is the progressively way for every backwardness people to promote their agriculture, education, culture and to make capable person in their every step. It is going to partnership with Nepal government and it has three concerns to endorse from Nepal government. First one is positive youth development, partnership approach, and community development.

Second is 4-H Nepal also will partner with local development of Nepal for conduct program of local development forum. It has been focusing on to grow up professional agriculture, youth involvement in farming profession, and inclusive work along with government and entrepreneur. After merge them, 4-H will give practical and theoretical trainings for promote their ideas. Third one is sharing caring method for kid’s positive progress.

4-H movement has been working effectively in over the world. Likewise 4-H Nepal has established 2014 due to develop Nepal’s rural areas and positive change for Nepalese. This problem solution and positive change movement is focusing to remove the social conflict, wrong concept of culture, stereotypical concept of Nepal. This movement has started from rural district Sunkuda, Bajhang. And it will give continue to work in coming future.

Lok Raj Awasthi

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