First Asia 4-H Network Conference 2012
  • 4H-ASIA

From Asia, 4-H builds youth leaders and provides a sense of belonging. As one of the largest youth organizations in the world, 4-H is investing in young people today to grow a brighter future.

4-H offers practical skill-building activities, meaningful leadership roles and partnerships with caring adult volunteers. These three elements create a unique experience that equips young people for success in the future.

Asia 4-H Network believes the power to build a more sustainable future lies with today’s youth. To ensure global economic and political stability in the future, we must work now to create long-term solutions to strengthen our communities and feed our growing world.

The first Asia 4-H Network Conference 2012 begins with a welcoming reception at Deogyusan Resort in Muju-gun, north Jeolla Province (Jeonbuk). The conference, held at Muju, Jeonju and Seoul under the topic of “Challenge and Change for a Better Life,” attracts people from 20 member countries in Asia and Oceania countries.



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