Youth Walkathon and Signature Campaign for Green Development: Towards a Sustainable World
  • 4H-Nepal

4-H Nepal and Asia 4-H Network organised a Walkathon on the occasion of International Youth Day on 11th August 2023 in Kathmandu. On the walkathon, 125 youths, parliamentarians, policymakers and other stakeholders participate. The Walkathon was opened by the Honourable Minister Dig Bahadur Limbu signed on the banner for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with strong commitment. At the opening ceremony, Eight Parliamentarians also signed the banner and showed commitment to raise the issue in the parliament to reform the policy in the present context. More than 100 youths also signed on the banner for advocacy implementation of SDGs in Nepal.

Addressing the opening ceremony of the Walkathon, The Minister of Youth and Sports has said that the youth should come forward to play a leadership role in the development of the entire sector of the country. He said that the development of any field is not possible without the participation of the youth, so the presence of youth is becoming mandatory not only in politics but also in other fields. Minister Limbu says that instead of waiting for others’ time, we should create an environment where the youth take the lead by themselves.

On the occasion of International Youth Day, Minister Limbu, participating in the Yuva Pada Yatra program organized by 4H Nepal at Maitighar in Kathmandu, said that since new technologies have been developed in all sectors, no work can proceed from the old tradition.

He said that since the objective of the program organizer, 4H Nepal, is green development and conservation of the environment, the government of Nepal is also conducting various programs to reduce the impact on the environment by protecting the plants. Gurung said that Nepal’s slogan of “green is the wealth of Nepal” remains the same. Gurung said that youth should play a leading role in cleaning the environment of villages and cities by protecting plants.

He said that the Ministry of Youth and Sports has also organized various programs aimed at the youth and that the government is always positive about making youth-friendly policies and rules, and everyone should make suitable suggestions for this. Minister Gurung said that only if the youth can be empowered will the country be able to develop as it wants.

In the program, the Chairperson of the Women’s Commission, Kamala Parajuli, said that only through the participation of the youth, the country develop as a whole, and the youth should also make a commitment to do something for the country. She said that the objective taken by 4H Nepal to minimize the effects on the world’s environment is positive. Leaders of various parties participated in the program. The journey started in Maitghar and ended in Naya Baneshwar.

Lok Raj Awasthi, president of Asia 4-H Network/4-H Nepal, said inclusive youth participation is important in the policy-making process and the government should focus on all levels of government activity policy.


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