School Gardening Training
  • 4H-Nepal

The 4-H Nepal IAAS section, Tribhuwan University, has been providing training on agriculture and farming to the students of different schools in the Lamjung district. It taught students about the practical methodology of preparing compost fertilizers and also gave demonstrations on making the compost fertilizers. The IAAS section also conducted awareness activities to promote the children’s health, hygiene and nutrition (HYN) program. The HYN program teaches children and their parents about the use of agricultural products, fresh food and issues concerning their health.

It was conducted to instruct students and teachers of four different schools from Lamjung about the importance and essence of school gardening and its different aspects. The training served as a learning and sharing platform for the students. They learned how they can cope with the natural environment. More than 250 students benefited from the school gardening training. Students from Adarsha Bal Higher Secondary School, Sayapatri English Boarding School, Insight Vision Academy and Tribhuvan Higher Secondary School attended the training.


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